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Gus and his nerdy buddies, Richie and Clark, are scouted by a miilionaire nerd, Mel, who wants to form a baseball team and compete with the meanest Little League teams in the state. A stellar ballplayer, Gus becomes a role model for nerds and outcasts everywhere. But when his fans learn that Gus, himself, was once a school bully, they feel outraged and betrayed, until Gus takes extraordinary steps to win back their admiration and trust.

Jon Heder officially joins the axis of evil in the new Sony Pictures comedy Benchwarmers!

I've been a Rob Schneider apologist and a David Spade excusist (that's probably not a word), but no more. There's no forgiving Deuce Bigalow 2, and there's no denying that David Spade hasn't been relevant as anything other than a frequent guest at the Playboy Mansion since Farley bit it. Throwing them in a grownup ripoff of The Bad News Bears with overrated flavor of the moment Jon Heder isn't going to make things any better.

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