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It all started when Charlie Logan was ten years old. Breaking the cardinal rules of spin-the-bottle, Charlie refused to lip-lock with a demented Goth girl – and she put a hex on him. Now, twenty-five years later, Charlie (Dane Cook) is a successful dentist…and still cursed. While his plastic surgeon best friend, Stu (Dan Fogler), pursues as many of his patients as possible, Charlie can’t seem to find the right girl. Even worse, he discovers at an ex-girlfriend’s wedding that every woman he’s ever slept with has found true love – with the next guy after him. Before he knows it, Charlie’s reputation as a “good luck charm” has women – from sexy strangers to his overweight receptionist – lining up for a quickie. But a life filled with all sex and no love has Charlie lonelier than ever – that is, until he meets Cam (Jessica Alba). An accident-prone penguin specialist, Cam is as hard-to-get as she is beautiful. But when a genuine romance develops, Charlie realizes he’s got to find a way to break his good-luck curse…before the girl of his dreams winds up with the next guy she meets.

Good Luck Chuck has two major problems: Jessica Alba can’t act and Dane Cook isn’t funny. Not even a little bit. I’m convinced that Cook is famous mostly because he’s good looking… for a comedian. Given the choice between watching Gilbert Godfried or Dane Cook, most people are going to choose to look at Cook. That’s probably why Gilbert does so much voice work. Jessica Alba on the other hand is famous because, well she’s just flat out good looking. Her hotness is beyond reproach. Even if she couldn’t read, even if she was a complete mute, she’d still be a massive celebrity. It’s a shallow world we live in and Good Luck Chuck seems to be a symbol of all that is most shallow on our planet. It may suck, but at least it will be pretty.

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