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In the opening moments, a Hollywood producer, Jerry (Matheson), partying in Las Vegas, makes a telephone wager with eccentric “businessman” Michael (Macfadyen,) that Michael’s nephew, Jason (Jesse Johnson), cannot make the drive from Los Angeles to Vegas in one hour and forty-five minutes behind the wheel of Michael’s Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. The loser of the bet will owe one million dollars. Jason’s exhilarating desert run, arriving in Las Vegas and at Jerry’s hotel suite with seven seconds to spare, sets the tone for things to come!

What if Fast and the Furious were remade by rich, pompous Euro-trash? The result would be Redline, a film which is getting a wide release despite not having the backing of any major studio. It’s probably safe to assume it’ll be in a theater near you courtesy of some asshole billionaire who plans to use the film to promote a lifestyle and sell Ferraris.

If Redline is ever remembered for anything, it’ll be as an answer to the trivia question: How did Eddie Griffin end up crashing a Ferrari Enzo. The car belonged to Redline’s backer and producer Daniel Sedek and the movie almost certainly belongs in a junkyard with it.

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