Aquaman Box Office: The King Of Atlantis Is Once Again King Of Hollywood

Things have worked out tremendously well for the undersea superhero.

There's A Cool Wolverine Easter Egg In The Greatest Showman

There may be a very well-hidden nod to Wolverine in Hugh Jackman's The Greatest Showman.

Deadpool 2 Broke Another Opening Record

Deadpool 2 kicks off the weekend strong and has already broken a box office record in the process.

The 12 Funniest Deadpool 2 Moments

Deadpool 2 is chock full of hilarious moments, and these are some of the best of the bunch!

Yes Man Soundtrack - Zooey Deschanle Rocks The Keytar

The reality is Munchausen By Proxy is the fake 80's-homage-esque band from the film and the leadsinger is the character played by the beautiful and talented Zooey Deschanel. That's right...Zooey jamming out on the keytar. Sound awful? It's actually kind of hilarious in a Twilight-Zone kind of way.

INTERVIEW  - Marc Streitenfeld

Marc Streitenfeld is a realtively new film composer who is bringing

different styles and interesting sounds to his scores. After several

years studying under and working with Hans Zimmer he caught the ear

of Ridley Scott who asked him to take the helm on composing the score

for A Good Year. That has lead to a regular collaboration

between the two with Streitenfeld scoring the music for Scott's last

two films as well as his next project, Body of Lies. Marc was kind enough to take some time and talk about

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