When your movie stars Jennifer Aniston (to bring in the guys), a really cute golden lab puppy (to bring in the girls) and Owen Wilson (to try and bring in everything inbetween) you don't really need a powerful soundtrack to help draw in your audience. You just need something light and fluffy to make the dog a touch cuter, Anitson's tears a bit softer and Owen Wilson a little less creepy.

That's pretty much what Theodore Shapiro's score to Marley and Me offers. Shapiro plays around with anything that seems to fit, from a tin whistle jig for a cue called "Off To Ireland" to gently plucked electric guitar and a simple piano theme for "Heading Home". It's all fairly run-of-the-mill (but not a puppy mill because that would be wrong, right?). The only surprise is a main theme that sounds suspiciously like the main riff from Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle".

With more than half the cues shorter than 90 seconds and a total running time less forty minutes long, the disc is anemic at best. Unless you're a major fan of Theodore Shapiro (and maybe even if you are) you'll do well to preview the tracks at Amazon and picking which ones you want. It's not worth $10 for the full download much less $15 for a CD.

The disc hits stores and Amazon Download on December 16.

Track Title Time
1. Parents Of Two 1:49
2. Off And Running 0:51
3. The Hardest Job 1:33
4. Walking The Plank 1:30
5. Obedience School 1:19
6. Leg Love 1:05
7. Two Year Montage 3:23
8. Moving To Boca 1:53
9. First Sleepless Night 2:05
10. When It's Time 1:10
11. Off To Ireland 1:53
12. Dog Farm 1:19
13. Boy And Dog 1:00
14. Lost In The Rain 0:43
15. Employed 1:07
16. All Good Dogs 0:55
17. Evil With A Dog Face 0:45
18. Labor Pains 1:18
19. No Regular Dog 1:27
20. Snow 1:03
21. Jen Says Goodbye 1:50
22. It All Runs Together 4:03
23. Heading Home 2:15
24. Marley & Me 3:32
Total Track Time37:59

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