George Lucas, never one to pass up a chance to milk his Star Wars cash cow for all it's worth, is doing his best to pound every dime out of every possible angle of the franchise. He's even shamelessly setting up double-dips with John Williams' scores.

On November 6th a massive 8 disc "Music of Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition" package will hit shelves, giving folks who already have all of that music on 8 discs from six separate purchaces, a chance to buy them all again in one shiny collection. Sure, it's a great opportunity for you if you don't have any of the soundtracks, but it's likely that if you're enough of a fan to want to shell out nearly $90 for this collector's pack, you probably already have the six individual movie scores.

This edition is rolling out on the heels of "Star Wars: The Corellian Edition", a patchwork one-disc collection of tracks from the trilogies released earlier this month. Lucas is just a casual about handing out pointless re-releases of the scores as he is with re-releases of the movies. At least he isn't digitally altering any of the music and tossing it out there as "Special Edition" versions.

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