It’s time to celebrate the Christmas/ Chanukah/ Kwanza/ Festivus Holiday season, so here at Cinema Blend we’re enjoying Twelve Days of Christmas. Yes, we know traditionally the “12 days” start with Christmas, but we plan on being celebrated out by that time, so we’re pushing the twelve days leading up to the holiday.

Here in Blend Tech, we’re celebrating with a geeky wish list. Sadly, these are gifts we’d love to have, but will only be able to wish about since they aren’t likely to exist anytime soon. That’s the joy of science-fiction and fantasy, imagining the future, it’s just a shame this stuff isn’t real yet.

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

No more road trips

For many people, the holiday season means travel, and travel brings with it all sorts of new trials and tribulations. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could skip the eight hour drive over the river and through the woods and just get to Grandmother’s house within seconds? That’s why we need transporters to get us there instantly.

Transporters are much like the flying car – something it seems like we should have created by now, but seem to elude our abilities as a culture. Sure, it’s the concept of turning flesh and bone into energy and directing that elsewhere where it is then converted back, and with it there are the dangers of it not materializing properly, but if we can send a man to the moon…

No transporter means those long painful car trips will continue to mold families for years to come, along with games of “Billy’s touching me” and “Everyone stay on their own side of the seat.” Still, you’d think enough generations of scientific minds being shaped by those trips would encourage this piece of Star Trek tech to become a reality soon.

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