It is said – usually by people I refer to as “old timey” – that there is more than one way to skin a cat. If it were up to Rube Goldberg, that way would be the most arduous and involved process possible. For those who don’t know, Rube Goldberg is famous for his political cartoons depicting machines that performed the most basic of tasks with as many steps as possible. The Rube Goldberg Machine has broadened from its political implications to a yearly contest that awards University teams for making such a ridiculous machine.

This year the challenge was to assemble a burger. Thankfully the meat was precooked to avoid fires and explosions. But the simple task of placing the burger on a bun with at least two vegetables and two condiments is something the simplest among us can handle. I know, because I used a fast food drive through a few days ago.

The winning team this year was a 17-member Purdue Society of Professional Engineers, and was there third win in the past four years. I’m assuming they’re from Purdue University, and not a bastion of hyper intelligent engineers working at the Purdue plant to create the perfect chicken carcass dissecting machine. Second place goes to Texas A&M University, which probably did so well being in the same state as Cinema Blend’s illustrious head honcho. Third place, or the second loser, was University of Buffalo. Lucky for them there is plenty of opportunity to drink cheap beer and eat wings to make them forget their debilitating loss.

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