Some people have all the luck. And some, like The Pirate’s Dilemma author Matt Mason, put in a ton of work to get the cool swag we all covet. Matt recently spoke at the Disney Imagineering HQ in California, and for his troubles he was given a unique gift. While you’d normally expect a Mickey watch, a Sully keychain or a similar chotchkey, Matt was the proud recipient of a 3-D printing of Cinderella’s Castle.

The printout is a scale model of the actual castle, and has been given to Bob Iger and Steve Jobs as gifts. It looks like a vanilla model of the castle, but when you stop to consider this came from a printer it is pretty amazing. The picture doesn’t show it off, but Mason claims there is great detail in the brickwork and the halls that run through the castle. He was also told it took 11 hours to print. Not exactly for the person itching to get a move on.

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