Here comes AMD and NVIDIA to ruin my celebration of the format war’s end. The two computer hardware manufacturers have decided they are tired of waiting for the USB Implementers Forum (founded by Intel in 1995 with Microsoft, HP, Texas Instruments, NEC and NXP Semiconductors) to give them the specs on USB 3.0, so they are launching a competing spec. Oh joy of joys, what every computer patron dreams of…even more confusing mumbo jumbo to wade through.

According to CNet AMD and NVIDIA are claiming that it is specifically Intel that is holding back the process, and that is why they are moving forward with their own alternative. They say that Intel has working silicon that they could send out, but Intel claims otherwise.

“Intel only gives it [open host controller specifications] out once it's finished. And it's not finished. If it was mature enough to release, it would be released. If you have an incomplete spec and give it out to people, these people will build their chipsets and you'll end up with chipsets that are incompatible with devices,” an Intel source told CNet.

The worst part is that all parties involved admit that developing a separate open host controller may very lead to incompatibilities down the road. So it must be a far superior plan to not talk this out and just develop inconsistency into the market. Seriously, does anyone need USB 3.0 right now? Is it so hard for the consumer to wait until 2009 that AMD and NVIDIA feel the need to do this? I understand from a business standpoint, but I still don’t like being bent over and reamed with a lead pipe.

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