I say, “iPhone.” Now you reply, “3G!” And then AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega says at CTIA 2008 that you’ll get it in a few months. At least, that’s what he seemed to indicate during the event. De la Vega stated, ”Let me repeat what I said: I think that you’re going to see our integrated devices be 3G devices in the not-too-distant future, and I mean months. That should be clear enough.”

He was clarifying a question to PC Mag, who just wanted to know if someone could get a break and deliver a 3G iPhone to my house. Yes, that’s what this is about. Getting me an iPhone, despite my recent purchase of a cell phone. I felt ashamed to finally succumb to the evil of mobile phone ownage, but used properly (i.e. as a damn phone) it works great. But now I’ve been bit, and I’m ready to dive headfirst into the trenches.

Of course, we’ve suspected that 2008 would see a 3G iPhone release. No big surprise with this “announcement,” but it’s nice to hear someone with authority put it out into the ether.

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