Boy has Amazon got a deal for you! If you’ve been running around looking for the perfect time to get your PS3, now is it. Well, now exactly now but soon. Amazon has 3 incredible PS3 bundles ready for the purchasing. The catch is this – yup, there’s a catch – you have to vote on which bundle you want. Then if you’re one of the lucky few you get to race to snatch one up before everyone else.

So what are these magical bundles I speak of? Glad you asked. $199 for an 80GB PS3, bundled with either Little Big Planet, The Force Unleashed or Far Cry 2. There’s also a Blu-ray bundle with hits like Firefly: The Complete Series, Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy or a James Bond Six-Pack. $199, and there’s a remote thrown in for good measure.

It’s all part of the Amazon yearly “Customer’s Vote” promotion. Once you vote you just have to wait until Thursday night when an email will be sent to let you know if you’re in the running. Then on Friday the bundle with the most votes will go up for the cheap listed price – 500 of them – and the other two will go up at a slightly higher price. Still, it’ll be a damn good deal even if you’re not getting all kinds of goodies for $199.

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