If you were sitting on the sidelines waiting for the iPod Touch to become worthwhile, then this is your week. Apple has updated the new player by doubling the memory and setting some new prices. All bow at the alter of MP3. Oh and the iPhone has been upped as well.

The new iPhone has 16GB of memory for $499, the old 8GB retails for $399. In other words you’re still spending an assload of money to have a talking point cell phone. Seriously, the only thing I’ve noticed iPhones are good for is striking up conversation with strangers. Calling friends is the same as my grandmother’s huge wall phone: you dial and they answer.

The new iPod Touch has 32 GB of video playing memory goodness. Finally, a point in which it makes some sense to have a portable video player. Too bad it’ll set you back $499. Still, I’ve used one of the 16 GB models and must admit it’s the sweetest portable video you can get.

The new iPod Touch and iPhone models have updated software and are available at stores or in the online store.

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