While Apple is able to claim some success this week with the new MacBook Air shipping out to early adopters, they also have to take some lickings. Two major complaints came up from Apple fans this week, both related to the company’s attempt at renting movies through iTunes.

The biggest of the problems is a delay from the company in a software update for their Apple TV product. The upgrade is “central to Apple’s entry into downloaded movie rentals” according to Computer World, but was delayed for unknown reasons beyond users being told it wasn’t quite finished. There’s no word on when the update will be delivered, but it’s expected sometime in the next few weeks.

For those attempting to rent movies from iTunes for use on their portable devices, let the buyer beware – Apple has been besieged with complaints from users who claim the rented movies won’t play on iPods purchased before September 2007. The users, who have forked over the money to rent the movie, claim there is no notice of the incompatability and, according to a Studio Briefing article at IMDb, Apple has not yet replied to the complaints.

It sounds as if Apple’s entry into the home rental market isn’t without some trials. Then again, this is a new piece of technology so it’s expected to have some quirks. Here’s hoping Apple can iron out the bugs relatively quickly. Until then, I won’t be making any plans to get rid of my Netflixs account.

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