It’s rare that politicians actually rise above the usual pandering and backbiting of a campaign, but Barack Obama seems to have beyond all expectation, done so. His recent speech on racism is being called historic, compared with the great speeches of Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. Unexpectedly Americans, at least the ones on the internet, seem to agree.

His speech is on YouTube, and in just a few days it’s been viewed by millions upon millions of people. It’s been viewed far more than the video which originally prompted it, video of a frustrated, fiery pastor from a church Obama attended.

By comparison, relatively few actually saw his speech when it first aired on television, broadcast by cable news channels and watched mostly by your grandparents and anyone who doesn't get better channels, or channels which carry Carlos Mencia (shudder). The internet and new technology has a role to play in the political process, and it’s rarely been more evident than it is right here, right now. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a minute to watch Obama’s entire speech below:

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