I should have known to just be patient after finding out how horribly cheap the Iron Man toys were. All the way in the land of the rising sun, at the Tokyo Toy Show, a couple of figures were shown off that should make most collector’s drool. Both Iron Man and Batman made an appearance on the showroom floor. My only problem with these figures is that they come with interchangeable heads. This way you can have them with or without a mask. It’s creepy.

That said the Hot Toys 1/6th scaled figures are mighty nice to look at. Even those creepy heads have amazing detail work. Also on hand were the bat man’s sweet rides, the Batpod and Tumbler. By the way, when do we get to the actual Batmobile in the Nolan films? Will the Tumbler get sleek and trim, or do they plan to just build the classic Batmobile from the ground up. Things to ponder as you marvel at how damn cool the scaled vehicle figures look.

We have no word on pricing or availability, but hopefully they come out soon.

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