I don’t know if you noticed, but the Best Buy Black Friday ad hit the interwebs earlier. It wouldn’t be your fault if you didn’t notice because the deals are lame. Seriously and inexcusably lame. I guess it doesn’t matter to someone like me who never comes within 100 yards of a store on Black Friday. But what about all the deal hounds out there? I’ve noticed that I get consistently better deals on a daily basis online at places like Amazon or Overstock.

What is the deal here? Why are the Black Friday deals so unworthy? Having a huge sale on items brings a ton of people into stores, and while the marked down prices may seem insane it all balances back in the store’s favor once the day is done. Perhaps picking up Transformers on Blu-ray for $10 is enticing enough to get you to venture out. The problem is that the crowds on Black Friday are still insane, despite the mediocre deals being offered.

I wonder how many people are beginning to realize what a waste of time and energy waiting in line at 4 am on Black Friday is getting to be. There was a moment when I considered maybe giving it a try this year to see about picking up some gifts. Reading through the Best Buy listing has turned me around on that idea. I’ll just find a deal when it comes along, and in the meantime will simply let the online retailers offer me far superior incentives.

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