How about a little self aggrandizing behavior around these parts? If Will Smith can launch a movie career by shouting to the heavens how marvelous and big willie his style is, then the least we here at Cinema Blend can do is pine for the annals of online posterity. I’m talking about the inclusion of our site, or head honcho Josh Tyler, on the exclusive club of Wikipedia. I feel so strongly that I’m not making the site name a link (also because you probably have it as one of you options in the Google toolbar….traitor).

Enter Biographicon, a new wiki style site that does not require you to be “notable” at all in order to have your own article, to our rescue. A set of simplistic and naïve guidelines – items such as not including your birth date or address is part of the Biographicon rulebook – are all that stand in the way of your glory. The new site is essentially a mirror of Wikipedia, at least at first. After the initial articles got up connections can be made. You know, the same connections you can already make in Facebook or MySpace.

As nice as it is to have a place to park our protuberant asses on the tubes, I can’t help but feel sites like this are a waste of space. When you start a business your goal is to identify a need and then fill it better than the competition. Half-assed attempts like Biographicon or Dikipedia (not what you’re thinking) need to die. The bubble burst of Web 2.0 is not arriving fast enough.

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