Blockbuster may not be interested in digital distribution, but they are starting to see the potential for the gaming market. Years ago they started an initiative for those renting games on a consistent basis, and since then the chain has expanded its video game support. Now you’ll find PS3 kiosks in the store and a new release section near the entrance. It’s a damn sight better than aimlessly wandering through an alphabetical list of laughable titles.

Blockbuster is now offering gamers the opportunity to buy systems and games from their local store, and they’ve decided to offer an exclusive bundle package. Oddly enough I spent the day with my wife who made the comment that more stores should offer such packages. She believes – rightly I might add -- that such bundles would only increase sales. Thus making stores like Blockbuster a boat load of money.

Also in the works is the introduction of Nintendo DS games for rent and purchase later in 2008. But here’s what you really want to know. The PS3 bundle being offered goes like this :

  • A 40 GB Sony PS3 Game Console
  • PS3/Blu-Ray Remote
  • HDMI Cable
  • Spiderman 3 on Blu-Ray
  • Transformers PS3 Game
  • Blockbuster 12-week PS3/Blu-Ray rental card (one free rental a week for 12 consecutive weeks)

Pricing this out without the rental on Amazon I get about $481. I say that because I’m not looking at spending more than a couple bucks for an HDMI cable, bundle or not. I’m sure the one included here would retail for much more than that, perhaps as much as $30. That still doesn’t make it worth it. When it comes to bundles like this you simply have to assess whether what you’re getting is worth the money being asked. Is Spiderman 3 a movie you truly need to have on Blu-ray? Because you are paying for it here. Essentially the main benefit is the 12 free rentals.

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