With all the potential of the Internet, from YouTube to Google Video to all the things in between, who needs television? With that in mind, we present CB Tube, a weekly random selection of whatever appeals to us online. We select, you watch, just like real TV, but we make no promises about entertainment value… just like real TV.

This week saw the demise of the legendary Polaroid instant film technology. OK, so with digital cameras it has been irrelevant for many years. Still, when I heard of the decision to stop producing any more of the shaken photographs I was sad. It took only a few minutes to realize that I was mourning the loss of something I’d already moved past. It’s sort of like telling yourself that you miss going to the homecoming game in high school, and when you get the chance to return as an adult you comprehend the magnitude of stupidity the nolstagia driven decision was.

In honor of the instant photograph technology pioneer this week’s CB Tube shows off the commercial for one of the most beloved Polaroid cameras ever made. Below is the classic commercial for The Swinger, complete with jaunty tune and women taking pictures. I’m not sure about you, but I love both those things oh so much.

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