With all the potential of the Internet, from YouTube to Google Video to all the things in between, who needs television? With that in mind, we present CB Tube, a weekly random selection of whatever appeals to us online. We select, you watch, just like real TV, but we make no promises about entertainment value… just like real TV.

We’ve highlighted video of Shatner and Star Trek so far, but one of our other favorite entities has thus far been missing: the Muppets. Those marvelous creations by Jim Henson have probably been just as responsible for entertaining me and developing my personality as anything else, so it’s only fair we give them a little bit of time on the CB Tube as well.

Along with all of the historical events that mark our lives, I will always remember the day Jim Henson died and the impact that had on me. One of the vivid memories that accompanies that was the Muppet tribute to Jim Henson, which featured appearances from many of the talented artists and creators Henson worked with and others that just respected what the artist had accomplished. Among that, the Muppets had their usual chaotic antics going on, culminating in a realization of just how powerful the loss of Henson was and how their tribute couldn’t touch that. But, as the Muppets said before, “If Just One Person Believes In You…” then maybe that’s enough.

I still can’t watch this clip with dry eyes, but at the same time the idea behind the song is always comforting, and a reminder that it doesn’t take a world of support to feel like the whole world is behind you.

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