With all the potential of the Internet, from YouTube to Crackle to all the things in between, who needs television? With that in mind, we present CB Tube, a weekly random selection of whatever appeals to us online. We select, you watch, just like real TV, but we make no promises about entertainment value… just like real TV.

The Rock Band drum kit is a natural fit for those who like to mod equipment. The simple setup makes it ideal for modders to run wild with. From pint sized drum kits played with pencils to the following video, there seems to be no end to what may be coming.

The hack portrayed in the video is from Kevin Child, and it’s fairly simple. He hooked up a Thumper vocal-percussion microphone and used it to replace the kick pedal. I’m not sure it’ll make playing the drums any easier, as you’ll still have to pay attention to when you need to thump your voice, but it’s still a cool little mod. Check out the video below to see what Kevin has done.

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