Perhaps Emperor Palpatine won’t be taking over, and getting things done, come January. Perhaps…election day isn’t over yet. But what is happening are holographic images of pundits will be talking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s election night coverage. As in full 3D motherflippin’ holograms. This bodes well for the Emperor’s plans to sporadically appear in each American home to scare the children with his raspy voice and force lightning withered skin.

The best part is that the holographic heads will be as full of hot air as the pundits extolling the virtues of proclaiming a winner prior to all of the votes being counted. I mean, who needs to count all of the votes? Only the Rebel Alliance would think such an archaic practice is necessary to determine the ruler of the free world.

In order to achieve this feat the guy making an appearance at Wolf’s side will have 44 cameras trained on him, with 20 computers doing all of the calculations to produce a 360-degree image. More cameras and computers in New York will process all of this on Wolf’s end. At some point it should be declared that this is awesome, but not as awesome as having the name Wolf Blitzer.

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