Before you play the game in a puddle of your own urine while hiding under the covers keeping your feet as far from the edge, lest you be yanked under and into the bowels of hell, EA would like you to read the comic book series based on the upcoming Dead Space survival horror game. The new six-book series will come from Image Comics, and features the art of Ben Templesmith and the prose of Antony Johnston.

The Dead Space comic will serve as a prequel to the game, telling the story of a deep space mining colony that pulls an ancient alien life force from a rock. Son of a bitch! You know that when you’re on another planet, especially one deep in space, you don’t go messin’ wit no voodoo rocks! Honestly, the people in this story have it coming. And if it’s as creepy as the cover (seen to the right, and in hi res below) then what’s coming is full of the willies.

“The world of Dead Space has such a deep storyline that it’s easily adaptable to other mediums,” said Executive Producer of Dead Space, Glen Schofield in a press release today. “We love the fact our story is being told across multiple forms of media, providing different experiences to different audiences, which all lead to the same dark place.”

Templesmith is best known for his work on Fell for Image Comics; Johnston is known from his work on Wasteland. The first issue of the Dead Space comic will hit in early March.

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