Get your drool rag ready. The ultimate in A/V receivers has been talked about, but not official acknowledged. OK, so it’s not necessarily true, but if even half the specs on Denon’s rumored AVR-4308ci come fruition then home theater enthusiasts will be rejoicing this summer. Along with the above-mentioned receiver, it looks like Denon will be releasing a total of 5 drool worthy systems.

Currently the chips that allow for HDMI 1.3 are not available, but are supposed to be released to manufacturers this spring. So, any rumor about Denon sporting HDMI 1.3 in its next lineup has some credence. The AVR-4308ci features four of these latest gen inputs and 2 outputs, which allow for smoother transfer of HD content. Now that the next gen DVD war is in full swing Denon’s slick systems will allow consumers to capitalize on the Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio decoding they’ve been missing with run of the mill players. Oh, the sweet sound of HD audio. It’s like getting a hot oil massage from Rachel McAdams…but for your ears.

All the sexy details on Denon’s gorgeous a/v receivers can be found at The Home Theater Blog who brought the news to us. You may be able to pick up the AVR-4308ci for around $2,500 sometime this summer or early fall.

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