Our kids grow up, they move on, and so must we. That’s true even if your child is an extremely popular gadget. Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod (along with other people, but you know…he was the guy) is leaving his position at Apple to take on a reduced role as an advisor to Steve Jobs. It’s certainly simplistic to claim that Fadell “invented” the iPod when it was a team effort. Despite work by a team, and Apple hardware chief of engineering Jon Rubenstein, Fadell is still considered the popular MP3’s father.

According to the Wall Street Journal Fadell is being replaced by former IBM executive Mark Papermaster. Oh god, do they expect anyone to avoid making paper jokes from now on? Believe me people won’t be able to help themselves. Then again, Papermaster isn’t exactly jumping into a prominent position. How many people knew who Fadell was, or what contribution he made to modern gadgetry?

Still, there is no one who will be better doing the paper work around Apple than Papermaster. Hmm, even on the first occurrence the joke is tired and not all that funny.

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