Fabrik, Inc. is calling their new line of SimpleTech external hard drives “sexy.” Sleek and sexy on the outside, with comparable sexiness in functionality, the adjective fits the product. The Ferrari design firm Pininfarina lavished the external hard drive and backup solution with the best an Italian designer can offer. From there, the SimpleTech SimpleDrive technology takes over to offer a viable solution to backup all your data.

The SimpleDrive desktop backup drive will come complete with USB 2.0 connectivity and Firewire 400 starting this may. Software to allow one-click transferring of files to your storage space is included as well. Also included with the purchase is a 2GB myfabrik account to allow you to share your content online. The drives themselves come in a variety of colors depending on the size of the disk space you need: fire red (160GB), pearl white (250GB), sapphire (320GB, onyx (500GB), and charcoal gray (750GB and 1TB). The suggested retail price starts at $99 for the 160GB model.

The greatest advantage here is the integration of your data storage with easy access via the web. "In the fall we expect to have an integrated service that will sync content on the myfabrik.com site with other devices, such as a hard drive or a flash drive. You'll be able to go from anywhere to anywhere." Mike Williams, Fabrik’s CEO stated in a press release. With Fabrik’s setup you can easily have your data at hand whenever needed. Either you carry the small hard drive with you, looking stylish and having to keep the paparazzi constantly away, or you simply throw your data up on the myfabrik account you created.

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