Get Dancing with the Stars out of your head. Forever would be the best option. It’s a pile of filth and vacant entertainment that has a following it does not deserve. Turn instead to real dancing, and the people that make this art form so wonderful to watch. The talent on So You Think You Can Dance is astounding in its own right, and I can’t wait to get into the real meat of this season’s competition. But if you’re looking for pure brilliance you can’t go wrong with Fred Astaire.

A BoingBoing reader put together a mashup of Fred Astaire dancing (mainly clips from The Band Wagon where he danced with Cyd Charisse) to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. The video for the song was based on the Girl Hunt ballet in The Band Wagon, so it makes for a perfect pairing. But watching Astaire dance to the classic Jackson song is pretty amazing.

There are naturally some jarring edits and cuts to make the song and video fit together just right, but all in all its highly entertaining. It’s been years since I watched a Fred Astaire film and now I’m looking through the classic movie listings from my cable provider to see if anything of interest is coming up. In any case, the video is below for you to enjoy.

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