Following this week’s Muppet theme (see CB Tube), The Geek Shopper presents another one of those things I would almost kill to have in my collection, but will probably never find its way into my house. Poor me.

About a year ago Master Replica created the ultimate present for Muppet fans: a realistic, poseable “photo puppet” version of Kermit the Frog. Unlike other doll versions of Kermit, the photo puppet looks incredibly like the genuine article, and, while it’s not actually a puppet, the poseability means Kermit can be set up for pictures, which could actually be cooler than puppet functionality. The puppet has articulation at his neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and fingers, and carries a $200 price tag – a little high for my own personal Muppet obsession.

Sadly, that price is nothing because Master Replica is following up the Kermit photo puppet with an Animal version (rumor has it the original plan was for Gonzo to come next, but there were “nose issues,” but is planned for a spring release). Animal carries a lot of the same functionality, with the added level of eyelid variations. He’s also twice the price, and for obvious reasons. Animal has a lot more to him than the simplicity of Kermit.

If you are a Muppet fanatic, you’ll probably agree that these are a “must have” item, although the price tag may keep you from actually going through with picking them up. Still, they are fun to look at and dream about, and isn’t that part of the joy of the Muppets too?

The Master Replica Muppet Photo Puppets are available at Entertainment Earth

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