It looks like HBO, who were often on the cutting edge of television programming in the last decade, might be making the leap to digital distribution of its content. HBO is rumored to have struck a deal with Apple to bring original programming to iTunes. The rumor goes even further to state that a unique arrangement has been made that would give HBO shows either a higher pricing or variable pricing. Ironic since that is exactly why NBC pulled the iTunes plug last fall.

Other than cable on-demand services, HBO has not allowed their content to go out into the world piecemeal. Most likely the content will be canceled or ended shows, because HBO is a subscription service they’d still like to keep that revenue coming in. The real question is why Apple would be willing to waiver on the pricing issue (assuming that is how the deal went down). Perhaps they are hoping to get a boost with the exclusive deal.

And while technically it’s true that this would be the first official HBO deal, there are already older and canceled shows up online. Hulu has Dream On, which is a Universal produced program, but it was also one of the original HBO shows from way back when. HBO original programming didn’t start with The Sopranos, it really got going in 1990 with a little show about sex starring the alliterative Brian Benben.

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