Is the Cloverfield monster haunting your dreams since you saw the giant beast tear apart New York City? Do you have an almost Close Encounters-style compelling need to see the monster again – sketching it out and desperately looking for shady screen captures online? Well, Hasbro is on your side. The toy manufacturer will be offering a 14” toy based on the giant beast.

Right now details have been put out for the toy: it will sit at 14-inches, with 70 points of articulation (I don’t even want to imagine what all those points would be) and “incredible life-like detail”. It includes ten parasites and a facsimile of the Statue of Liberty’s head, as well as two interchangeable heads and authentic sound. All of that for a $100 price point.

Of course, following the rest of the picture being shrouded in secrecy, there are no images online of the Cloverfield special toy, so you don’t actually get to see what you’re buying. You can go ahead and pre-order your $100 monster toy, however, at the Hasbro toy shop.

That’s a lot of money to drop down for a toy you haven’t even seen though, but quantities are limited. Right now the estimated ship dates aren’t until September/October, however, so I hope you’re not in a hurry to get that recreation. In fact, with that delay and price for an unseen product, you might be better sticking with those sketches and screen captures.

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