Quantic Dream has been rather tight-lipped about Heavy Rain but one thing is for sure, every new trailer makes the game look more and more appealing the previous trailer before it. The latest trailer consists of a corner store hold-up and the multiple ways in which the scenario can be thwarted, avoided or handled.

GameTrailers recently put up the new trailer showcasing the game’s multiple routes in dealing with various scenarios. What’s more is that the game has multiple scenarios within scenarios. So despite not having direct control of the character players still have the interactive power to direct what happens in a scene by using the character. It’s not quite as non-interactive as you might think.

One of the other things that make the game interesting is how the interactivity is used within each scene. Players won’t have a chance to pause and wait and look the actions over, it all happens in realtime and requires quick-thought and fast finger-work. Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain is really shaping up to be more than just a visual masterpiece with excellent dialogue, it seems as if it could honestly be a smash hit for 2010 on the PS3.

You can check out the new trailer below and remember to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further news, updates, media and insight.

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