I’m sure that as of right now I am not alone in having watched possibly the best put together Blu-ray disc to hit the market in Iron Man. At least until we get that Lord of the Rings set (soon please). I spent a good hour going over the Hall of Armor as I learned the most random details on Stark’s invention. And then there were the hours long making of that went into painstaking detail on bringing Shell Head to the big screen. But there’s one aspect of the record release that didn’t go so smoothly for Paramount Pictures.

BD-Live, a feature exclusive to internet connected Blu-ray players like the PS3, offers fans a way to get up to date content on their favorite films. The idea is to offer consumers even more content than is already on the disc, and to provide a highly interactive experience. Iron Man is the first large scale commercial release that puts the system to the test.

I’d love to tell you that what appears to be a forgettable checkbox on the back of the case is actually something fantastic and innovative. But I can’t. I wasn’t able to access the feature, and right now my PS3 is not connected to the internet. So, that test will have to wait until tomorrow. Although Paramount has diligently been at work trying to solve any problems. Including giving you access to the main menu as the BD-Live features download in the background.

Paramount prepared for the onslaught by increasing bandwidth capacity prior to last Tuesday’s release, but it clearly wasn’t enough. Then again we’ve had internet ready features on DVD for years and I’m certain that only 17 people have ever tried them. Aside from large storage capacity BD-Live is a feature that Blu-ray needs to distinguish itself from DVD. Yes, I love having all of this content on one disc. But if I were diehard enough in my fanboyism I’d still tolerate two discs. See Lord of the Rings Extended Edition for fervent proof of that. Let’s hope everyone has learned from this failed experiment and things are changed for the better next time around.

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