The internets are buzzing with the word that cell phone maker Nokia and music giant Universal have inked a deal that will provide users of some Nokia phones the ability to download unlimited music tracks from the Universal library. You heard that right, unlimited.

Nokia’s “Comes with Music” service appears to be more than just a badly titled new feature. Users purchase a subscription from Nokia for a year, and even after the subscription ends the user gets to keep the music. There is no word yet on how much the subscription costs, but the price structure alone is a new concept in the normally stagnant music industry.

Details on functionality are scarce at this stage, but currently one of the key drawbacks is that users would only have access to the Universal library. Nokia has already said it is in talks with the other major labels however. Add to that the general dislike of iTunes in music company boardrooms and this could potentially be a bad sign for Apple.

All this speculation hinges on Nokia actually getting a stable, simple, and fast service off the ground using a delivery method that can be spotty at best depending on location. It is going to take a spectacular product to make a large dent in Apple’s supremacy.

Perhaps the reality of digital mediums is finally penetrating the heads of board members at the major labels. There is little they can do to prevent piracy in one form or another, but if they can package enough music at the right price point to attract pirates back to legal purchasing it could be a win/win for everyone involved.

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