In the world of hi-def television, people want more and they want fast. JVC-Victor is answering that call with a new line of 120Hz LCD sets. The TV’s are driven by JVC’s Clear Motion Drive technology, which pulls off a speedy 120 frames per second. This is double the standard 60Hz LCD’s most of us own. The increased frame rate allows the JVC LCD TV’s to boast the ability to play virtually any film at a multiple of 24 fps. Translation, the video is smooth and representative of the original film.

While the all important contrast ratio has not been released, a list of specs is up at Japanese website Impress. Here’s what you get for your cold hard cash: 120Hz refresh rate, which produces a clearer picture with virtually no ghosting; 1366x788 pixel resolution; and a number of inputs/outputs including HDMI port, 2 Firewire ports, 3 composite video ports, and Ethernet access.

The sets release in Japan starting in February, and come at three different prices. The 32-inch LT-32LC95 retails for $1,889, the 37-inch LT-37LC95 will fetch $2,381, and the big daddy 42-inch LT-42LC95 will weigh in this March with a price tag of $3,038. Not exactly budget pricing, but if reduced ghosting during Nascar races is worth the extra $1k then keep an eye out for a U.S. release.

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