Our favorite crazy anti-video game senator is at it again. It’s to the point with Jack Thompson where he’s not just a thorn in the game industry’s (and it’s fans) side, but he’s become a deplorable human being with his latest antics. Jumping like a lawyer after an ambulance, Thompson has accused Bill Gates for the VA Tech shootings earlier this week. Before we get into the specifics of his moronic rambling…Bill Gates? Seriously. At least Cliffy B is in the games industry, so that would at least resemble sanity. Then again, Jack Thompson hasn’t met sanity since prom night.

Thompson had this gem to say, ”[I] told Matt Lauer and the nation that the triggerman (DC Sniper) would most likely be a teen video gamer trained on a sniper video game…I was right, as Malvo trained on your Microsoft game, Halo…Mr. Gates, your company is potentially legally liable the harm done at Virginia Tech…You knew five years ago that your on-line game, Counterstrike, so clearly figured in the massacre by a student in Erfurt that the event and the game impacted the race for Chancellor in Germany at the time! Yet, here you are, five years after “Erfurt,” still marketing Counterstrike. Having done nothing to disable the server for this mass murder simulator, and it looks like Virginia Tech is a consequence.”

Yes, Thompson has not only blamed video games for the horrible tragedy, he has also blamed a man who has nothing to do with them. Let’s not even forget that Counterstrike isn’t a Microsoft game, it just runs on the Windows OS. The leaps in this mans logic are astounding, and downright despicable. To be using the tragedy in Va to bolster his own McCarthyesque vendetta makes me physically ill. Nowhere in his statement does Thompson mention that the warrant for the killer’s dorm room documents not a single game in his possession. It seems that factual information has no place in Jack Thompson’s worldview.

To Senator Jack Thompson I give a big CB Tech, “Way to go douche!”

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