Along with the Euphoria engine and pretty new physics that make you really feel as if the Force is flowing through your body, the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will feature are new ship to add to your ever expanding Star Wars armada. The Rogue Shadow is a sleek black ship piloted y Juno Eclipse. And you’ll be able to put it together at home when the LEGO version hits retail stores along side of the game in September.

The box will include the ship, with details like blaster cannons and hidden missiles. You’ll also get three figures: Juno Eclipse, a damaged Darth Vader, and Vader’s Apprentice. It’s a pretty standard setup, but the deal also furthers the idea that Force Unleashed is being treated as a part of the trilogy. LucasArts is setting up toy deals, and I’m sure a huge advertising campaign to start up in the summer. Hell, don’t be surprised to see some trinkets show up at your local Burger Shot at some point.

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