I don’t offend easily, or at all really. But while watching a movie and making dinner tonight my wife was looking up some info on the good reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. What she found was inexplicable, and disgusting. Being such a good starting place for looking up info she went to Wikipedia and found that King’s entry had been reduced to one phrase: “im a n----r.”

Now, we’ll excuse the bastardizing of grammar here. There’s more at issue. I’m not sure what statement is being made with this, because what has happened is not an editing of Dr. King’s entry on Wikipedia. If you go to his entry everything is normal. The difference is when you add a comma after the “g” and then a period after the last “r.” When the URL looks exactly like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luther_King,_Jr. Well you get the unpleasant message.

Last week was of course the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination in Memphis, Tennessee. Which makes this all the more horrible. Hopefully this ruse to get around the editing gurus at Wikipedia will be fixed immediately. We all know that the info at “The Free Encyclopedia” can be tenuous when it comes to the truth, but the person who did this created a whole new page that an unsuspecting person might come across. And anyone thinking this is a funny little joke should have their balls ripped off by a cat and then bathed in turpentine.

My first thought when I encountered the page was a phishing style scam where the site was something other than Wikipedia, but this entry does indeed exist on the site. I am disgusted that the intolerance Dr. King fought so hard against continues to be so prevalent in society. It’s not perfection I expect from my fellow man; after all we each have our faults. It’s been 40 years and something like this – as despicable as it is – is not all that unusual and unexpected.

A screenshot of the offending page is in the gallery below. UPDATE: It looks like the page has been updated and fixed, as well as semi-protected.

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