Microsoft is taking the gloves off. They are tired of Yahoo not playing fair and accepting the $44.6 billion bid to buy the company, so they’re taking the issue to the fans. Or er…the shareholders. Microsoft believes the 62% premium over Yahoo’s January 31, 2008 closing price is more than fair. So the Redmond boys are giving Yahoo three weeks to see the light.

The letter to Yahoo board members from Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer takes a stronger stance on the issue. The latter states that MS has been waiting patiently, despite offering a premium price to facilitate a speedy deal. The best part is a shot at Yahoo where the letter says, ” At the same time, public indicators suggest that Yahoo!’s search and page view shares have declined.”

If we could just get these two behemoths into a caged circle for a battle to the death, that would be fantastic. Perhaps they could dip their hands in glue and broken glass…just to make it more interesting.

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