Microsoft should just stop going to toe to toe with Apple. Each time they go and “copy” a Cupertino idea it fails miserably. Microsoft can’t compete on the commercial front, even though the Mac vs PC ads are starting to get stale. Now Microsoft is looking to combat the Apple Genius’ with some Microsoft Gurus. This sounds like a good idea, but then you have to consider that there are no Microsoft stores.

Instead Microsoft will deploy trained Gurus to chains like Circuit City to answer general questions and give demos of products. Fantastic. So, a portion of the $300 million ad campaign includes commercials at the store you’re shopping at. The Microsoft Gurus will not be able to provide any technical support for customers. In other words they are a pointless addition to your trek through the local large tech store. I’m already annoyed enough as it is trying to traverse through the Best Buy's and Circuit City’s of the world.

Microsoft will be introducing about 155 Gurus during the initial trial run before the year ends. It’s just another kiosk I get to ignore when I’m at the mall. And would someone please tell the people who work at the cell phone kiosks to stop asking me if I want a cell phone as I walk by using mine. Thanks.

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