Options are rarely a bad thing. As the war for online digital media distribution heats up with Amazon Unbox, Xbox Live Marketplace, Netflix’s “Watch It Now,” and a multitude of others there is always room for a seemingly innocuous hiring to fan the flames. Netflix announced today that Anthony Wood has been appointed VP of Internet TV. Many consider Wood, including Netflix, as the creator of the DVR. He headed up ReplayTV, which was the only DVR competition to Tivo for a short time.

So, with the appointment of such a pioneer in the set top DVR world is it time for Netflix to enter into that market? Since talks between Tivo and Netflix fell through we’ve kept a close eye on Netflix to see how they’d provide the promised digital content to consumers. As of now there are no plans to expand “Watch It Now’s” functionality beyond PC’s, but as a cartoon bird once said to a young Mousekewitz, “Never say never.”

Wood is set to head up the future of Netflix’s determination to be a leader in digital media distribution. No official plans have been announced, but the press release did allude to some expansion in the future. The company intends to bring their content to all screens capable of connecting to the internet, ”from cell phones to PCs to plasma TVs.

Right now none of the content providers have a vastly superior product, which one you use is determined primarily on what hardware you currently have. But with a vast library of media, Netflix could easily sign a deal with Tivo or even design it’s own set top box. We’ll have to see where Wood leads the online movie rental king's newest division.

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