Those who have been buying the current PS3 (40GB model) may have noticed that the console is slim on a few ports. But that’s OK, because Nyko has turned their attention to all y’all who are missing your USB ports. Nyko’s Media Hub for the PS3 ups the USB and memory card reading ante for all models of the PS3. So technically the original PS3 could still have more ports than the newer 40GB.

The Media Hub plugs into any USB port and allows you to connect up to three USB devices, plus there’s a media card reader that supports SD cards and Memory Sticks. “We found that many of our customers who had purchased the popular 40 GB version of the PS3, which has less USB ports and no media card reader, were looking for an affordable solution to expand with these features,” said Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing at Nyko Technologies in a statement today. “With the Media Hub, an additional three USB ports and a media card reader are now possible for all PS3 models, allowing consumers to enjoy the full capabilities of their multimedia system no matter which model they choose.”

Nyko’s Media Hub for the PS3 is scheduled to drop into stores this August for $19.99.

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