Remember when Amazon bought audiobook company Audible? And there was the brouhaha over DRM where Amazon said if the people want it they’ll get rid of DRM. This was despite major publishers like Random House Audio saying they want their products sold without DRM. And so it goes that you can get DRM free Audible through iTunes, but over at Amazon the DRM must be there.

A new website has been set up to make it easy for the people to one-click their desire for DRM free book listening. It is pretty ridiculous that a company with such a free flowing resale attitude is putting major restrictions on audio books. Is this the same Amazon that is fighting against iTunes with DRM free music? The same Amazon that encourages people to resell their old books on the site?

But we’re going to take Amazon at their word by going over to the new one-click website and doing our part to disband the hold of DRM on our audio books.

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