How about some pointless technology news? Panasonic has announced that when their new plant gets up and running in May 2009 they will start mass producing the 150 in Life Wall TV. Wow, that’s a whole lot of television to have in your house. In fact, most of us will probably have to buy a new house or build an addition onto the back just to fit the damn thing. It’s the ultimate “my penis is bigger than yours” tech geek freakout.

There are some major problems with having the set. For one the thing uses 1,500 watts of power to run, so you’ll need to gather all your plutonium and build a nuclear generator just to turn it on. Then there’s the problem of the 2,160 x 4,096 pixel resolution. That’s a Quad 1080p resolution. There is no connection that supports such a thing at the moment. This is starting to sound less and less interesting, isn’t it?

The glass for the television is currently hand-made, which you know just means an even higher price point. Speaking of which, Panasonic has not announced pricing plans for the Life Wall TV. As the saying goes, if you have to ask you probably can’t afford it. Personally I’m still enjoying the 1080i/p resolutions I’m getting from my Blu-ray discs. Jumping onto Quad HD at this point feels a bit premature.

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