Trying to live up to their name, Pioneer has announced a professional level 50” 1080p Plasma television. You may ask what constitutes a professional television, and the answer appears to be updated technology. Of course, all new gadgets have updated technology. If they don’t, then they’re just repackaging of the same old crap. Let’s not bring double dipping too far into the tech world please. Pioneer has truly innovated and improved the plasma market with it’s latest in display technology.

Pioneer has positioned the PDP-5000EX as a set that can be used to finalize Blu-Ray disc movies. “The introduction of a high quality 1080p plasma display for the professional market will fulfill a very specific request from the entertainment industry and will bring the best picture performance for high definition film titles to the market,” said Jim Krodel, VP of professional display at Pioneer, in a press release last week. Traditional plasmas use two panes of glass with cells sandwiched in between. Within the cells are pockets of gas, which easily lends itself to a childish joke here. Anyways, when current passes through the gas is excited and emits light. That’s plasma television in it’s most basic form. With the new technology the cells have been halved in size, allowing for extremely bright images with crisp edges.

Pioneer’s new set also has a native resolution of true 1080p, rather than the pretend versions you see everywhere else. The set supports a 24Hz rate as well. This allows the original framerate of a film to be maintained as actually shot. Sure, this all means it’ll be easier to determine how super cool the latest Blu-Ray movie is, but it doesn’t seem “professional” level. Oh well, who are we to argue with marketing? If Pioneer can squeeze out a few thousand extra bucks from the conglomerates in order to provide us ordinary schmucks with an equal setup on the cheap in a year or two, you’ll hear no further complaints. If you just can’t wait the PDP-5000EX can be purchased for a cool $6k.

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