Cameras, TV’s, and cell phone advancements are nice, but what technophiles really want to see is the stuff in movies come to life. Who isn’t ready to wait in line to buy a hover board? Researchers at Engineered Fibre Structures have developed an electronic glove that can control equipment via Bluetooth. The glove, which looks like a normal glove with geeky accents, has the possibility to make the computer interaction from Minority Report come true.

The glove is made the same as your standard glove, except there are contactors in the tips that create a circuit when touched to the thumb. EFS says that the current version, which is completely wireless, is most suited to gaming akin to the functionality of Nintendo’s Wii. The company demoed the glove by playing a virtual guitar on a PC, which immediately brings to mind awesome jam sessions with Guitar Hero. But the company is looking beyond games.

”We think there are rehabilitation applications,” said Billy Hunter, the lead commercial director on the project, ”Stroke victims, for example – they perform all sorts of exercises to get movement back. So what you really need is an exercise with some sort of feedback mechanism, so you can see whether they’re improving.” Gaming and helping the world are just the beginning for the company. The team is also interested in incorporating mobile phone technology into the glove. Check “making my hand into a phone” off my list of gadgets to be realized.

For more info on the glove, and EFS’ ideas, check out The Engineer Online.

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