You may wonder if any of us at Cinema Blend have actually bought a gadget or two. It’s clear that we’ve never done one of those unboxing posts or videos. I assure you I’ve bought items in the last month such as a PS3 and Canon Rebel EOS XTi. Items that at some point in time would have been worthy of an unboxing. Heck, I received a digital kitchen scale that also would have fit the unboxing mold. There’s just one problem, my unboxing of anything would go horribly wrong.

I recently purchased a headset to use on the Weekly Blend Audio Show, and was elated to discover a little tab that instructed me to “pull here.” When I did the plastic covering my headset magically came apart. It was a joyous moment as I briefly flashed back to decades of fidgeting and fighting with gadget packaging. So I’ve decided to share with you one man’s hilarious attempt to open a simple box as a replacement for all unboxings. Just imagine this video and replace the Apple Remote with whatever new fangled gizmo I may have purchased.

Also watch as the gentleman states he’d like to keep the box only to give it the patented two handed ripping apart technique a moment later. My favorite part is where he takes apart the cardboard piece the remote was mounted to only to find nothing in between the spaces. How many times have any of us done the exact same thing? I wonder if we truly expect to find some super special prize in these spots. As if the manufacturer decided we deserved a fancy Diggum sticker or a Halloween mask of the gadget we just bought.

Apple Unboxing Gone Terribly Wrong from UnBoxedLunch on Vimeo.

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