Have you ever heard the story about the lucky guy who is cleaning out his attic, finds something valuable, and makes a ton of money just because he found something he didn’t throw away as a kid? Yeah, well, it’s happened again. Notice how it’s never the geeks who have millions of dollars invested in a collection of vacuum-sealed comics and such. Nope, it’s the guy who stumbles upon his childhood accidentally. I guess that’s incentive not to be such a collector and just let things happen naturally, but I digress.

An undisclosed lucky person was cleaning out their attic when they found a near-mint copy of Detective Comics No. 27, featuring the first appearance of a little character known as Batman. The actual selling price of the comic book, purchased by Todd McDevitt, comic collector and owner of Pittsburgh’s New Dimension Comic stores, is unknown, but the value of the comic is estimated around $250,000. A perfect specimen of the issue would be worth twice that, and is considered the second most valuable comic available, with between 20 to a couple hundred copies left in the world.

Now the comic sits in an airtight bag in a bank vault – ironic considered what I mentioned above. It’s the people who stumble upon the valuable comics that make the money (and the news), not the people who worship at the altar of the comic book and don’t enjoy their investments. I guess some lessons are never learned.

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