Usually when we get a rumor on some product it comes with vague allusions to what might be. It’s more like a creepy man in a trench coat is trying to sell you some candy than any hard information. And while rumor of a MacBook touch releasing in October is still full on unconfirmed rumor, the source of the leak didn’t hold back on details.

Over at MacDailyNews an informant has foretold of a MacBook that likes to be touched. They say that it has an iPhone like screen but it is far more featured rich. The informant also calls the new MacBooks ”sick shit.” That alone is pure confirmation, right?

We have no idea how valid the claims are. It does seem like something that Apple could do, and would want to as well. HP has a touchscreen computer out that works, so we know it can be done. Plus Apple has a tendency to enjoy marrying innovations from one product line to another. We’ll keep our eye on this MacBook touch situation, but for now this is firmly placed in the rumor column.

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