Could Sony really plan to introduce yet another PS3 controller so soon after fixing the rumble debacle? The DualShock3 has only recently come out, and now there are rumors of a brand new version in the works. This time the controller would split apart in the middle giving you a similar setup to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk design. It sounds more like Sony trying to salvage the SIXAXIS motion control capabilities that were loudly proclaimed to be far more next gen than rumble.

I’m not buying it, and I doubt you will either. The Wii controller works because of its unique design. I find it comfortable to sit with my hands at the side as I play through Metroid Prime 3. The same couldn’t be said for two halves of a DualShock3. We’ve already shelled out nearly $60 to get our DualShock3 and I want no part in another controller.

If this is true, or some variant, we’ll likely find out at E3 coming up in a month.

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